ACAN Premium Spirits

After successful 20 years in the wholesale business, the time has come to expand their horizon to a retail line, and to refresh the brand identity. ACAN is a reseller of premium spirits and exclusive distributor of Diplomaticó rums for the Slovak Republic.

The company’s vision is to raise the standard of cultivated drinking in Slovakia. The task was to propose an exterior visual for a new retail branch, along with a new presentative website and a new system for wholesale clients.
Daniel Celiga
Exterior VisualS
Web Design
Print media
Web development
Since the premises in Bratislava have a strong history and are famous for the central place in the city associated with wine and whisky, we decided to keep the original name – “44” (formerly based on the street Vysoka 44). As it’s not about the bar anymore, nor about an ordinary alcohol store, the premises were named “ACAN 44 Showroom.” It is that kind of place, where visitors can sit on comfy sofas and try the new, exotic flavours out. For the true lovers, immersive and distinguishing tastings take place, where the special editions of all various kinds of the most premium alcohol can be found.

Dark elegant shades, pure and modern beige colours are complemented by a luxurious gold foil. ACAN has a new premium look, along with the defined values, an exact position on the market and its brand archetype.
Number 4 is the mathematical archetype of a tetrad (a group of four). The absolute and perfect geometrical shape, which symbolizes security, the Earth, and space. The space of ACAN 44 Showroom.
Verified by millennia and used all over the world. The mathematical value of 1.618034 is manifested all around us. Utilized in architecture, art, but mainly, in the nature. It is about the natural proportions that the subconscious is used to and perceives them as pleasant and attractive. This ratio adds the visual aesthetics and geometric perfection to the “44” symbol.
Preview of Branding Guidelines delivered to ACAN
Andrej Slavik
CMO at ACAN Premium Spirits
“Daniel’s work on the new firm identity, as well as on the web, was excellent. He created everything based on our requirements, along with his professional approach. I recommend his services to everyone who wants to take their business to the next level.”
Visuals of the ACAN 44 Showroom
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