An app with the ambition to bring a simple yet proven training method. It strengthens the core and effectively burns fat, which leads to long-term weight loss and muscle gain, without having to go to the gym. Just turn on your phone/tablet/laptop and exercise for 15 - 30 minutes, along with the professional trainers from the comfort of your home. They are explaining every single movement, securing safe and correct exercising. A handy body-hack eating plan is a bonus feature, which supports the weight-loss and speeds up the work-out results.
Daniel Celiga
UX Prototyping
User Testing
ui Design
motion design
The brand name "MOXIMAL" is the outcome of the brand naming process. MOXIMAL for maximal exercise effort. "Trainer in your pocket" is a slogan that describes a virtual buddy that helps the user with the harsh beginnings of initial disinclination to exercise. Based on user research, I defined two primary personas, Igor and Christine. The palette of bright and vivid colours is visually differentiating the MOXIMAL brand from its competition. I began to design the app with the "mobile-first" approach.

User testing has shown both the interface's strengths and weaknesses. I redesigned these tricky sections based on the feedback and findings to create the best possible user experience. After the second round of user testing, I implemented new solutions for minor problems and user uncertainties.
Patrik Visa
Founder of MOXIMAL method
“Daniel is super creative and always full of ideas. I let it all up to his imagination, and he came up with many suggestions. The result is amazing. Communication during the project process is constant, which is a big plus. He really knows what he’s doing, and he works with all the popular newest trends in the world.”
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