Power Nuts

High-end peanut, almond and hazelnut butters, created by nut lovers. This young company needed a fresh brand and a packaging design that visually communicates a premium food product. The target group were active men looking for an extra source of protein, snack lovers, and home cooks, who love experimenting.
Before getting into design, I analyzed two primary personas in the target group. The first persona is a young and active person, trying to eat more healthy products. The second one is a gourmet loving to eat the most types of nut spread snacks.

The visual base of the brand is a nutty pastel beige colour, with a dominant shade of modern matte black, complemented by a luxurious gold-like foil. The name is clear and concise. “100% peanuts.” Yup… That’s it.“ Something that simple, yet so eye-catching.
Viktor Stefanak
Co-founder of PowerNuts
"Cooperation with Daniel has been an enjoyable experience. I loved his creative, and, at the same time, business thinking, conducting new ideas and his drive for the project. Furthermore, I’d like to point out his brisk approach to iteration and understanding our feedback. I’m going to contact him again with my next project."
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